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Accessible Computational Thinking

Accessible Computational Thinking in Elementary Science Classes within and across Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Contexts (ACT) is a collaborative research project that investigates best practices for helping teachers provide culturally relevant experiences for all elementary children to participate in and engage with computational thinking (CT) integrated into their science lessons. ACT focuses on the overarching question: how do elementary teachers develop the skills and dispositions to provide access to CT-integrated science lessons incorporating Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT) practices for culturally and linguistically diverse learners?

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Check out the latest poster I designed on behalf of our team below.

It will be presented at TESOL 2023, Portland, OG.

TESOL 2023 Poster.png
This project is funded by NSF Grant Awards numbers 2101039 and 2101526.

PI: Diane J. Ketelhut & Brian C. Nelson. co-PI: Ebony T. Shockley.

External Evaluator: Troy Sadler 

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